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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dr. Amberly Windisch on Thursday

     On the show Thursday, regular guest Dr. Amberly Windisch (MD-Urology) is on to discuss the new imperialism of baby surrogacy (aka womb rental) in India, as well as the recent decision by Vladimir Putin to block foreign adoptions.

     Amberly and her husband Mike recently welcomed their fourth child, Gillian Erica-Noelle, joining Zachary, Anna Leah, and Trevor. The Windischs are parishioners at the Cathedral of Christ the King. Amberly is a former member of Centenary United Methodist Church who entered the Catholic Church in 2010.

     Here's the article we'll be discussing...

Surrogacy: Renting Wombs in India Exploits the Powerless
  • by Wesley J. Smith | Washington, DC | | 12/31/12 10:51 AM
Colonialism used to be about the rich exploiting the resources of others lands. Now, biological colonialism (as I call it) finds well off (mostly) Westerners exploiting destitute people in developing countries for their body parts and functions, essentially using people as natural resources.

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