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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friday's Show: A Young Couple Endorses Natural Family Planniing

  On Friday's show, Ben and Kaitlyn Mason, a young couple and active parishioners at St. Paul Catholic Church in Lexington, will be on the show to talk about their positive experience with Natural Family Planning (NFP) and the need for greater awareness of its benefits. We're also drawing attention to the first NFP class series of 2013--which involves one class per month for three months--that is starting Sunday afternoon, January 20th at Benedictus Books and Gifts on Southland Drive (to sign up for the class go to Here's a link to answer your questions about NFP as well as to provide our complete 2013 class schedule.

  Other topics include..

      The forgotten grief of Louise Bundy

      The upset pick of the week from Alex "Hosscat" Asbridge

      And a few rounds of Dial-a-Catechism


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