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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Rare Common Ground Friday Show

    In an event almost as rare as a papal abdication, today's show is a Common Ground Friday Edition with guest and favorite soccer fan David Kibler, pastor of Catalyst Christian Church in Nicholasville. We'll be discussing his recent blog article, "Most Parents I Know Are Exhausted, and They Don't Have to Be."
   We'll also discuss his church's recent Ash Wednesday service, his perspective on the Pope's decision, and his view of what a society can do when the family breaks down.


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  1. I'm glad you chose this topic to discuss, Mike! We've raised all of our children to be self-sufficient as early as possible. They love it because they feel like "big kids" before they are technically big kids.

    Just to name a few chores children are capable of doing...Children as young as 2 are capable of putting clothes in laundry, picking toys, shoes, etc as well as dressing themselves for the most part. Kids as young as 4 can wipe bathroom vanities, take out bathroom trash and put their plate in the dishwasher. Our kids are raised with bathroom chores, kitchen chores, everyone picks up the house before Daddy returns home, they put their own clothes away and help with a younger buddy, and bedrooms are cleaned periodically. Now, our 2 oldest cook one dinner a week for the whole family. They have to cook an entree and a vegetable, dessert is optional. The kids love it and are becoming great cooks!

    Again, a great (and much needed) topic to share with your listeners!

    God bless,