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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keep Guns Safe, Legal (and Rare?)

  My brilliant friend Martin Cothran has a simple blog post with a picture of a gun and these words "Keep guns safe and legal. Just thought I'd mention it."

  With one quip, he exposes the insincere rhetoric of the left on abortion. Don't believe me? How would extreme gun control advocates react if you said, "Let's not makes assault rifles illegal; let's make sure they are as safe as possible. After all, people are going to buy assault rifles anyway, so let's make sure they buy them in a controlled environment."

  And what about those "personally opposed but let's not legislate" folks? How would this go over? "Let's not make assault rifles illegal; let's address the reason people buy assault rifles in the first place. If we address issues of social justice; poverty, unemployment, racism, family breakdown and alienation, there will no longer be a market for assault rifles."
  Thank you, Martin, for another observation in defense of the obvious.

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