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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday: Franciscan U. professor John F. Crosby

  One the show today, Dr. John F. Crosby, philosophy professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville, will talk about the thought of Blessed John Paul II. Dr. Crosby has written extensively on the late pontiff's personalistic and phenomenological approaches to philosophy, which are of course manifest most famously in his "Theology of the Body."

   I learned of Dr. Crosby when I encountered his excellent ten-part series, published in 2000 in Lay Witness magazine. Here's a quote that will give you an idea of his writing:
   "According to the unisex view, the difference between man and woman is merely biological and not really personal. The main thing about man and woman is that they are both persons, their gender remaining outside of and below their personhood. They are genderless persons. Thus, from a personalist point of view, it does not much matter what a person’s gender is; his or her capacity for interpersonal communion is unaffected by gender and other such bodily details. This unisex position tends to separate persons from their embodiment as man and woman."

  Also, we'll discuss what today's Mass readings tell us about prayer and a university president clumsily illustrates the difference between political and moral compromise.


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  1. Personalism and phenomenology lead to three things that lend themselves to errors, heresy, and apostasy: (1) the notions of God and man are confused; (2) false notion of the ("subsists") Church and collegiality; finally, (3) Masonic form of religious liberty.

    Theology of the Body is not Catholic; rather, it undermines purity, offends modesty, and strangles innocence as well as justifies nudism and eroticism. TOB's big presupposition is that there is no Original Sin and there is nothing wrong in displaying one's body. It is utterly shameless and irreverent. Hint: if Our Lady says at Fatima that Our Lord hates immodesty...