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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday: Directions for the Church Militant

On Tuesday's show, St. Martin and Veteran's Day edition, St. Paul's directives to the Church Militant, Taylor Morgan from the Vocations Office on their recent "Come and See" weekend, and sports director and veteran Steve Tressler with his weekly sports conversation.

  Question of the day: How do you read St. Paul's command for a wife to be submissive to her husband?
     A. St. Paul was a good and holy man but was captive to the attitudes of his time. We must sift out the truth from the cultural context.
     B. St. Paul's words are chauvinistic and have unfairly perpetuated the subjugation of women in the   Christian world.
     C. St. Paul was speaking truth; God has given men the role of family leadership and wives should respect that order.
     D. St. Paul was speaking truth; God calls both spouses to mutual submission, each in ways specific to their roles as husband and wife.

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