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Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday: Mark Shea on why Torture is a Pro-Life Issue

On Friday's show, Our Lady of Guadalupe edition, future Real Life Network host Mark Shea--blogger, author, and columnist-- is on to discuss the recent reports on "enhanced interrogation," and why torture is a practice any authentically pro-life person must condemn.
 Question of the day: If any U.S.government official has ordered that torture be used in the interrogation of criminals, should they be criminally charged?

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  1. If someone who supports spying on citizens, torturing those who might be terrorists, and murdering unarmed black men, goes on to claim to having prayed before coming to believe in these things, isn’t such a person a Satan worshiping Nazi war criminal by definition? What else could you pray to that would tell you that you could jam food up someone's behind because that’s what (insert deity here) would do?