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Monday, January 5, 2015

Tuesday: Archbishop Kurtz on Evangelization, Migration Week, the March for Life, and the Papal Visit

   On Tuesday's show, listen in at 7:15am for a conversation with His Excellency Joseph Kurtz, Archbishop of Louisville for a conversation about evangelization, National Migration Week, the upcoming March for Life, and Pope Francis' first U.S. visit.

  Other topics and guests:
   6:00am:  Loving your family better
   6:15am:  Matt Pejkovic's top 5 Duvall roles
      (hint: napalm is involved)
   6:30am:  Word of the Week
   6:45am:   What Mark Shea plans to do
                    w/ my stolen tie slot
   7:00am:  The myth of the "straight up" Christian
   7:30am:  Jason Hall of the CCKY on school choice
   7:45am:  Lambeau: Where legends go to ....


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